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Life and 2017
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Hello new blog! Hello first post for 2017!  I wanted to be as active and get this blog up to 2030! LOL!

So far, I haven't finished updating the pages yet, I felt like a newbie "again" in the blogging world after going MIA for a couple of years, I'm trying to fix and put some tweaks on it. How do you like my theme so far? Too girly? Yes. That's me. 

In this blog, I'll start sharing my not so random thoughts, plans, reviews, thoughts on food and places and everything, this is like my online diary. You can share your thoughts in the comment box, I'm very open to that.   photo STIL0285_d.gif

This 2017 was a balanced year for me. I had to lose my job as a Team Leader so I can look after my newborn baby.

Losing the position was very disappointing and I felt very sad about it somehow, because it's something that I never thought I could achieve. All along, I thought I'll only be that best team member, getting commendations, recognitions and all that. I was promoted after a year with all my Supervisor's confidence and trust that I'll be one of his someday...  But I'm a failure...

At some point, it's an advantage to look after my babies and be a good mother.  I gave birth to another baby boy last 02/05 and it felt like the first time. haha Never in my thought that I'll give birth inside a car! It all happened in just a snap! At 4:00AM, I felt contractions but I thought it was just this "false labor" we call, but after a few minutes, the contractions become intense and they recur every 5mins! That's the time I knew that I am about to give birth and the baby is on its "station". We had to rush to the hospital and a 60kmph doesn't count!  Sadly, the baby was in rush to see me and the world, I had to let him out in the passenger seat. I pity my husband cause I scratched him, punched him because of the pain hehe

When they came rushing, nurses and doctors are all panicky, like it wasn't the EMERGENCY ROOM! Would you expect someone rushing to the ER with a toothache? Really? Of course, you have to be as quick to attend to the patient and stop complaining about what happened. Unethical. The doctors keep asking questions and I also reply with all my memory and they would say "Naglolokohan naman tayo eh." HAHA Very funny.   

So I gave birth to a baby boy GOOD GOD there's no hemorrhage or concussion in the head or other complications since I gave birth to an unsterile place. If I only knew that would happen, I could've prepped my vajayjay and don gloves and catch the baby myself plus cord care. LOL He's heavier than my first baby, 7lbs and up to this day I'm still wishing he would be fair skinned just like his dad.  

He's doing good, he's always hungry. I always see to it that I breastfeed my babies so I really have to stay at home. I can't go full time and breastfeed. Breastmilk only lasts up to 3 days and I can't imagine leaving my baby for work, kinda heartbreaking.  

On the other side, I'm trying to work on being the best mom/wife. I'm trying to be that good 'ol wife but it doesn't work that way. 

I am hoping that the day I lose hope and faith in our relationship will never come. 
No matter how patient and loving a person can be, they also get tired. I hope the quote "Learn to rest,not to quit" can be applied if that happens.


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